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Partnering is what we do. Great coffee is never achieved alone; it takes a team. Windmill Coffee Roasters is proud to have developed a coffee partner program that can help your establishment grow. Every business has goals that are specific to their needs. We partner with restaurants and cafes to implement coffee training where you need it.

We offer training in two formats: on-site and in our coffee lab. Both are offered throughout the month and are complimentary. Click here to learn more. 



Customer Service

Your service is our number priority. Great coffee doesn't just happen. It takes commitment. We provide some of the industry's best customer service and we are here to help. Give us a call at 515.292.2425 or our contact form here.  Hablamos Español.


Technical Support

Without the right equipment, coffee struggles. When the right equipment doesn't work, coffee still struggles. We are committed to working with our coffee partners by providing a complete preventative maintenance and support system with our partner service company  to ensure your equipment stays in the best shape. If you are in need of a repair we have give us a call and schedule your repair. 

Kalita w/ Scale

Industry Development and Professional Training

We know that true coffee programs are built on systems for quality. Rest easy, we have a plan for you. If you are finding yourselves in need of entry level training. Relax, we are here. If you are in need of advanced coffee training and concepts. Relax, we are here. Whether you are getting started and need to learn the basics, or you are looking for advanced training concepts. Relax, have a cup of coffee, we are here.

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